Won't You Marry Me, Wichita?

Weddings. People in Wichita love weddings. Oh, who are we kidding. People everywhere love weddings. There’s just something about two people ceremoniously committing to sharing their lives. Together. Forever. It’s not just the romanticism of it all, it’s the dedication, the chutzpa, the overall badassery (yes, we said it) in shouting to the world that you will stay the course through great times and the inevitable bad times, to see it through until you are old and fabulously gray. Sure, some people love weddings just for the cake, while some love them for the after-party (otherwise known as the reception), but all in all, there is something to love about weddings.

We love the wedding stories. You’ve heard them. The one where the flower girl stopped halfway down the aisle to say ‘hi’ to her dad. Or, the one where the groomsmen surprised the newly married couple with a traditional Maori Haka during the reception. But, what about wedding stories in the ICT? Have you heard the one where the bride bought her wedding dress second-hand or the bride who rented her dress? What about the wedding entirely planned by the groom-to-be? These are the stories we want to share and more.

Our wedding blog series will focus on weddings in Wichita and our great state of Kansas. We’ll share advice and stories regarding:

  • Top wedding checklist items by local wedding planners
  •  Expert advice from area retail and resale owners on finding your perfect dress or that of the mother of the bride
  • What others have planned for that lengthy downtime between ceremony and reception (picnic in the park, anyone?)
  • How the seasons in Kansas can affect even the most well-planned wedding
  • Current wedding trends in the ICT (can you say living bar?)

That's just the half of it. 

Every wedding website has advice on planning your wedding from point A to point B, from 16 months out (the average US engagement) to the week prior. We have no intention of rewriting the wedding planning book, but what we want to do is provide you with information to help you plan for your day in Wichita. By sharing stories and introducing you to local business owners who can help you plan the wedding of your dreams, we hope to make your wedding planning less stressful so you can focus on your story.

Sure, we’ll discuss the standards, such as outdoor versus indoor, professional vendor versus Aunt Bea, picking the right venue and the story of an elephant named Price. In the end, our goal is to provide you with answers to questions you may or may not have. Why? Because everyone loves a wedding. Well, almost everyone. We’ll even share stories from those who are not that into weddings. True story.

So, while we can’t help choose your best man or advise you on who to cut from your lengthy invite list, we can share ideas and advice about planning a wedding in Wichita. We’ve been doing this for a while and want to share what we’ve learned through the years. Plus, we know people – local people. We are proud to be part of the entrepreneurial spirit of Wichita.

We invite you to follow us as we answer questions, give advice and share stories about the richness of choices available to you in our hometown. And, if you think we’re missing a topic or just want to share your own story, we invite you to contact us to contribute! This is your blog, not ours. At Abode Venue, we’re all about this community and its people, and we’re all about you.


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