How Our Story Became Your Story

ABODE Venue opened its doors in 2010…well, sort of. Our doors originally opened in 2004 as Abode Home, a locally owned residential furniture store. A new business venture by Bill Jackson, Abode Home was part of a family-owned (and now employee-owned) business that included Furniture Options (1985), ExecuStay Midwest (1990) and Abode Home. A firm believer in the resurgence of downtown Wichita, Jackson centrally located each of the companies near downtown and in 2007 founded the Douglas Design District (DDD).

For six years, we provided Wichita with the latest in modern furniture and accessories, along with the occasional concert, Final Friday art exhibit or charitable event. When the furniture business as a whole began to struggle, the tough decision was made to close the doors on offering contemporary furnishings in Wichita.

What we quickly learned was Wichita missed us and we missed seeing the faces of Wichita. Abode Home, with its amazing performances by local musicians and incredible art exhibits and a whole lot of fun-filled fundraising parties, had set us on a new path. We’d become known for the best “living room” events in the ICT, but more importantly, we’d made a lot of friends.

We had the space. We had the expertise in hospitality. The idea was to create a setting where we could continue to host our friends, neighbors, and community. A place we could bring everyone together – to create an ABODE family.

In 2010, we opened our doors as ABODE Venue and set out to take events in Wichita to a whole different realm. By providing a place to gather for weddings, life celebrations, networking opportunities, corporate and charitable events, and to continue our tradition of supporting music and the arts in the community, our story became intertwined with your story.

Since then, we’ve been privileged to watch hundreds of first dances, host CD release parties for local bands, listen to inspiring guest speakers, learn from highly informative business execs and small business owners, and share in the joy of a 50th wedding anniversary. We’ve grown, expanded our smarts, learned to live better, strengthened relationships and made new friends, thus solidifying our belief in the strength of our city of Wichita–all because of you.

We mean it when we say your passion is our commitment. Your success is our end goal. Your dream is our reality. We are here because of and for you, because it’s always been about you. While ABODE Venue has only one story, we love being a small part of so many of yours.

As we continue the journey, we plan to provide you with information helpful to you in planning your life events, from weddings and proms to fundraisers and small business workshops. We will share advice and provide guidance from local experts in each of these fields and above all, we’ll share stories–your stories.  It’s all about building and strengthening our ICT community and the events that bring us all closer together.

We invite you to follow our blog, ABODE ICTelling, for the rest of the story. Salut!