When it comes to bar options for your event, we offer unlimited possibilities. Host bar, cash bar, combination, cocktail hour, per drink or per person, we can accommodate. Want a signature drink or prefer only craft beer? Not a problem.

Our bartenders have been with us since the beginning and not only are they up on their mixology, they understand the importance of serving with courtesy, a sense of urgency and responsibly.


Host Bar Service

Event Host provides unlimited beverages at no charge to guests. Service is calculated on the attendance of all guests that are 21 years or older regardless if alcohol is being consumed.

Domestic Beer and Wine Bar: $12.99/Guest

Well Bar + Beer and Wine: $15.99/Guest

Call Bar + Beer and Wine: $17.99/Guest

Premium Bar + Beer and Wine: $19.99/Guest

Specialty Wine by the Bottle: Market Price

Specialty Champagne by the Bottle: Market Price

Additional Signature Drinks: Starting at $90 / 3 Gal

Soda, Coffee and Tea: Free for All Guests

Craft/Import Beer and Redbull: add $1 / Guest

Cash Bar Service

Your guests purchase beverages by the drink. Cash Bar prices include applicable sales tax. Tipping is encouraged for bartenders that do a great job!

Domestic Bottled Beer: $4

Import / Specialty Beer: $5

House Wine by the Glass: $5

Well Brand Mixed Drinks: $5

Call Brand Mixed Drinks: $6

Premium Brand Mixed Drinks: $7

Ultra premium Mixed Drinks: $8-$9

Non Alcoholic Drinks: $1

*All applicable sales tax included


At ABODE, you have options. Lots of options!
We'll work with you to find a bar & beverage option to fit your budget.  

Host Bar Service: By the Drink

With our Host Bar Service By the Drink, the event host provides beverages to guests by the drink instead of the regular Host Bar per/guest pricing. All beverages will be charged by the individual drink based on Cash Bar pricing. 

EXAMPLE: This is the perfect option if you want to provide a limited number of free drinks to your guests. You can provide them with a drink ticket for the number of free drinks you're providing.

Host Bar Service Fee

An additional 15% service fee will be charged on all Host Bars.

Combination Service

When you choose the Combination Service, the event host provides a portion of the beverages at no charge to guests and guests may also purchase other beverages by the drink. 

EXAMPLE: You provide a Beer & Wine Host Bar and your guests purchase mixed drinks at the bar based on Cash Bar pricing.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages Only

No need for alcoholic beverages? No problem. 

  • Coffee: $1/person
  • Tea: $1/person
  • Coffee & Tea: $1.75/person
  • Soda: $1/can

Bartender Service

When not selecting a package rate, Bartender Service wages are $30/hour for each bartender, plus 1 hour set-up. One bartender is required for events up to 100 people. Events over 100 people require at least 2 bartenders.


Tipping & Gratuity

We have some of the best bartenders in Wichita! Tipping is encouraged for bartenders that do a great job.

Security Requirements

For all events serving alcohol and not part of a package rate, security is provided by off duty Wichita Police. Events over 200 Guest may require additional officers. Officer Rates: $40hour with minimum 4 hours.